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Fruit and veg voucher charity launches COVID-19 Crisis Appeal

The Alexander Rose charity, which provides fruit and vegetable vouchers to families who struggle to access healthy food for their children, is today launching its COVID-19 Crisis Appeal.


The beginning of the campaign will be marked by a week of activity (June 23 to June 30) and the eventual aim is to raise £30,000 to support 100 new families over the next 12 months through Alexander Rose’s Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project.


Jonathan Pauling, the charity’s CEO, said: “Following [last year’s] HelloFresh event and our successful Big Give Christmas campaign, we didn’t expect to be doing another appeal so soon, but this has been an unusual year, and we find ourselves facing unprecedented need.


“As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, more families than ever are struggling to access healthy food for their children. Many families have lost their incomes and are finding it harder to get the food they need. Unfortunately, as the economic impact of the crisis continues to take hold, many more families will be at risk of food poverty and will struggle to access a healthy diet. We expect demand for our work to increase significantly this year.


“With your help, we’ll support pregnant women and families with children under 5, that are at risk of food poverty, to access fresh fruit and veg from local markets and independent shops using Rose Vouchers.


“As with our Christmas campaign, all donations are being doubled by The Childhood Trust’s Champions for Children Fund, so one donation, twice the impact.”


If anyone reading this would like to donate, click here – and if you need any more incentive, read on to discover the story of Eylem and her children, who live in Hackney and have benefited from the vouchers in the last 12 months.


How Rose Vouchers have helped Eylem’s Family 


Eylem, a mum to three boys who lives in Hackney, tells us, “Because of the lockdown, my boys are at home all day, so I’ve needed more food for them for meals and snacks.


We’ve still been able to get our vouchers, and even when the market we usually go to closed, we could go to the shop in Stamford Hill with the vouchers. It has a good variety so we could still get our fruit and vegetables.


Our family’s diet has changed a lot over the year that we have been using Rose Vouchers. My boys now eat more vegetables, they love broccoli, cauliflower, aubergine and courgettes. Before I would use the supermarket and buy pasta, rice and potatoes as I thought they wouldn’t eat vegetables. Now I can give them different vegetables to try when I come home from the market.  I put the fruit and vegetables on a table they can reach and they pick what they’d like to try.


The Rose Vouchers for Fruit and Veg Project has helped us a lot to have a healthy life. It’s amazing! Families in my situation usually buy tins because it’s cheap and don’t think to buy fresh because it costs more, it’s what people can afford. If I didn’t have the vouchers, I would just get baked beans in the tin to give them. But now I can buy fresh, it’s healthier. The vouchers really make a difference in our lives.”


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