The City of London market management team at New Spitalfields Market have been awarded two separate awards at the recent NABMA (National Association of British Markets) annual conference, having been nominated by their own Directorate at Guildhall.

The onsite team, headed by Emma Beard as General Manager, were delighted when they heard the news as they had not been aware of the nomination.  Emma said she was very proud of the work they continue to do with tenants and was very pleased to receive this level of recognition.

Ogun Gortan (pictured)  won an individual award for  his achievements in completing a level 4 diploma awarded by the Institute of Place Management and Manchester Metropolitan University and was chuffed to receive this as one of the newer members of the team.

Ben Milligan, current Markets Director at the City of London Corporation stated

“It is with great pride that we acknowledge the New Spitalfields Markets team on their well-deserved nomination for Markets Team of the Year. This recognition is a testament to their exceptional collaboration, tireless dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence. The team’s remarkable ability to infuse innovation into tradition has not only enriched the market but also established best practices for all markets. This nomination is a celebration of collective efforts and accomplishments that inspire us all to aim higher and achieve greatness together”.