Max MacGillivray, who set off on his epic trek across Africa with GFA partner Gareth Jones on November 8, from New Spitalfields Market, is now back in the UK and the proud recipient of the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award along with a letter from Theresa May.


The Points of Light award recognises “outstanding individual volunteers – people who are making a change in their community”.


And the PM’s written letter said: “Through ‘The Great Fruit Adventure’, you are inspiring thousands of children to learn about the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables, helping them to develop healthier attitudes to eating.”


Max and Gareth weaved their motorbikes through several African countries on a mission to educate children about the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables, and in many cases the fruit and vegetables being grown around them. On their route from London to Cape Town, they took in a number of produce companies too and raised awareness about the opportunities that exit in the wide world of produce.


Now they are taking the story of their trip into schools across the UK on educational visits that they hope will encourage children to eat more healthily.


MacGillivray told the FPJ: “I am truly honoured to receive the Points of Light award. Seeing the ongoing issue of childhood obesity in the UK and internationally we knew we had to do something proactive to make a difference.


“Kids need to be educated in a fun and informed manner about making healthy eating choices and why they should eat more fantastic fresh produce.


“But we have only just started on our mission. We have so much more to show and create and present to kids, their schools and their families about healthy eating and fresh produce. To have this endorsement from the Prime Minster is going to accelerate our healthy eating cause enormously. Thank you!”


Chris Hutchinson, chairman of Spitalfields Tenants Association, said: “Everyone at New Spitalfields would like to pass on our congratulations to both Max and Gareth on this award and for all the hard work and dedication to a cause that is of course very close to our hearts.


“We are delighted to see that they have carried on the good work since they have returned to the UK and we’re right behind their efforts to create a more aware, healthier next generation of consumer around the world.”