Thousands of people have come forward to be a part of a unique campaign launching today (January 18), to help increase consumption of vegetables across all ages and demographics throughout the UK.


Work carried out by the campaign’s driving force – The Food Foundation – has ensured that the veg ad above will be displayed in more than 5,000 locations nationwide, including this website. This particular ad is aimed primarily at inspiring children to eat more veg, but The Food Foundation insists this is just the beginning; the start of a much wider conversation about the need for a sustainable fund to help increase the competitiveness of vegetable advertising.


“While restricting junk food advertising is critically important in tackling the nation’s unhealthy eating habits, the shortage of commercial vegetable advertising and its potential influence on our healthy food choices urgently needs addressing,” said the organisation.


“Government guidance suggests we should be eating seven portions of fruit and veg a day. But a recent study by the Food Foundation showed that 95.5% of children aged 11-16 aren’t eating enough vegetables.


“And with only 1.2% of food and soft drink advertising being spent on promoting vegetables to children, it’s not surprising kids find other, less healthy options so tempting.


“This advert marks the start of a conversation about the solution. Let’s change the image of veg for good!”


Veg marketing gets just 5% of the UK’s annual £296.6 million marketing budget for confectionery, snacks, fruit, veg and soft drink. That’s why you won’t see any ads for the humble carrot!


The Veg Ad Fund, made up of contributions from the government, retailers and producers will give veg the marketing budget they need to compete with branded snacks, fast food outlets and soft-drink firms.


The advert is being revealed in all locations and on social media today and anyone can get involved in the following ways:


  • Simply print and display the Ad in your business/school/community
  • Upload the advert onto your website or blog, as we have done
  • Post the advert on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, as we will also do!
  • Create your own #VegPower image and post that
  • Look out for press coverage and retweet

The vegetable advert, produced by ifour, was the winner of a creative competition held at the end of last year as part of the Peas Please initiative.   It was selected by a panel of children, alongside Sir John Hegarty of Bartle, Bogle Hegarty and Michael Moszynksi of LONDON Advertising.




Keo Films are making a three-part primetime documentary series for BBC One with chef and campaigner, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, on the subject of obesity.


Hugh and the team have been following the creation of the Veg Power advert and are very excited to see it going up in locations all over the country. They’d really like to show in our series just how big the uptake has been of the advert; from the Hebrides, to the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, to Tower Hamlets in London, and everywhere in between, this advert is going to have nationwide reach.. but if they’re going to be able to show that, then they need your help!
It just isn’t possible to get round all 5,000 places to film the advert, but they’d like to be able to show as many different locations as possible.


They’d be really grateful if you could film the advert going up wherever you are and send it to them to include in a montage within the programmes. This doesn’t need to be done by a professional – you can do it on your phone – and will only take a minute of your time. If you’re up for helping Hugh and the team, please email and she’ll send you a couple of short notes on what they’re looking for. All help would be hugely appreciated